Having a relaxing day at the women only pond in Hampstead Heath surrounded by all kind of different women and it is just amazing.

This beautiful little hide away where it is quiet, friendly and total relaxation for body and mind. Cute little ducklings is walking around us very curious and not afraid at all looking for a snack or just chilling.

While taking a swim in the lake , which remind me of a Swedish lake, I feel proud to be part of this sisterhood of strangers who smile to each other in the passing.

Sun is shining strong and there isn’t a cloud in the blue sky. It is such a beautiful day and I am feeling awesome.

Some words from my friend pops into my head. ” Stop & Breathe, I am alive – maybe that is all we really need to remember for us to be truly happy”

You are not allowed to take any pictures inside this place so I will share a picture I took just outside of another pond instead.

Beautiful Hampstead Heath , London

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